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Company Profile

New Products

The major activity fields of E-A Teknoloji, which started with funding from Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, are optics, nanotechnology and biotechnology. E-A Teknoloji realizes high-technology projects using scientific approaches, and brings fast, cost-effective, and professional solutions to technological problems.

Services and Solutions

Our company serves in the following fields besides production and R&D:

• Custom fiber optic probes and fiber optic imaging systems with various characteristics (tip geometry, size, material) for medical applications

• Custom surgical lasers with various wavelengths (single or dual wavelength output)

• Fiber optic imaging systems for advanced technology applications

• Optical design (ZEMAX), and custom optical construction

• Custom microfabrication and nanofabrication design and applications

• High power and high resolution industrial laser applications (Microscale and nanoscale material processing, micro engraving)

• Design and production of thin film optical isolation and filtering systems

• Scientific and technical consulting for projects in relevant fields (nanotechnology, optical systems, biotechnology)

• Consulting and writing project proposals

• Consulting and writing projects, reports, patents, and similar scientific and technical documents